Purpose : to describe the specific or particular thing/person.

Generic Structur : – Identification
(mention the special participant)
– Description
(mention the part, quality, and characteristics of the subject being described)

Language Features :
K The use of adjectives and compound adjectives
e.g: – a five hundred seated football stadium
– a beautiful ancient Roman opera house

K The use of linking verbs/relating verbs
e.g: – The temple is so magnificent
– The temple consist of five terraces

K The use of Simple Present Tense  if things/persons described are still alive
e.g: – The museum houses hundreds of Greek Statues

K The use of Past Tense  if things/persons described do not exist anymore

K The use of degree of comparison
e.g: – The weather in Jakarta is hotter than Bandung
– Bogor has the same weather as Yogyakarta

K The use of degree adjectives and compound adjectives
e.g: – Debby is brown-skinned.
– Debby is a model from Jogja.

Example Text :

Does anybody know anything about Brazil? Yes, the football team is one of the best in the world. It has great players like Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Adriano. Now let me tell you more about Brazil. You know, Brazil is the largest country in South America. And.. it’s also the fifth largest country in world. Does anybody know where Brazil is? Yes, it’s located in the eastern part of South America. Here…look at the world map. Remember the compass rose? north..south..east..west.
Now what about the people? They are friendly, outgoing, and they also like to have fun. They’re fun-loving people. Well…if you’ve heard about samba, then you must know that the samba dance is from Brazil. The people love to sing and dance the samba. Oh…yes…they also love to sunbathe… lying on the beach to have their skin tanned…I mean, to make their skin darker.
Comprehension questions:
1. Where is Brazil located?
2. How large is Brazil?
3. How do you describe the people of Brazil?
4. What do Brazilians like to do?
5. Why do they like to sunbathe?


Singapore is an island city of about 4 million people. It’s a beautiful city with lots of parks and open spaces. It’s also a clean city.
Most of the people live in high-rise flats in different parts of the island. The business district is very modern, with lots of tall new office buildings. Singapore also has some nice older sections. In Chinatown there are rows of old shop houses. The government buildings in Singapore are very beautiful and date from the colonial days.
Singapore is famous for its shops and restaurants. There are many good shopping centers. Most of the goods are duty free. Singapore’s restaurants sell Chinese, Indian, Malay and European food, and the prices are quite reasonable.
Comprehension questions:
1. What is Singapore like? Is it beautiful?
2. How big is the population of Singapore?
3. Where do most people live?
4. Is the business district an old place?
5. What can we find in Chinatown?
6. What is Singapore most famous for?

The Must-see Ambarawa Railway Museum

You can easily be accused of committing a tourism sin if you’re in Semarang and failed to visit the Ambarawa Railway Museum.
This museum is situated less than an hour’s drive from the capital of Central Java. During the Dutch colonial days, Ambarawa was a military zone and the railway station was used to transport troops to Semarang through Kedungjati. It is at 474m above sea level, giving you unpolluted fresh air to breathe.
The Ambarawa Railway Museum is well-maintained. It is a medium-sized building. The railway route is offered to visitors. You can enjoy the beautiful panorama during the route. All in all, this is a truly exciting treasure to visit.
1. What is the text mainly about?
2. Where is it located?
3. How did the Dutch use the Ambarawa railway station?
4. Why can we breathe fresh air there?
5. Why is it a must for us to visit this place?


The Hawaiian Islands are located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, far away from any other land. There are eight islands of different sizes, and while they differ from each other in some ways, they share many features.
They all have a tropical climate, with temperatures of about 780C (25.60C) in the winter and 850C (29.40C) in the summer.
Rain falls often, but not for long. The islands also share a natural beauty, with mountains and waterfalls, rainforests, and long beaches. Their waters are filled with colourful fish, dolphins, and giant sea turtles
A description of our school

Our school is in the north of the city near the airport and factories. It is very big. There are 40 rooms and 700 students in the school. We have got a football field, three laboratories and a computer room. Our classroom is near the computer room.


San Francisco is my favourite city in the United States. It is beautiful, clean, not too big, and it has something for everybody. I love the streets and buildings in San Francisco. The streets wind up and down the hills, with beautiful old brick and wooden houses on either side.
One of my favourite things to do in San Francisco is to ride the cable car. It takes you to most parts of the city. It’s not a very comfortable ride, but it’s exciting and the views you get from the car are wonderful.
And I like the weather in San Francisco. It never gets too cold or too hot. The summers are pleasant. The fresh breezes blow off the ocean and the sky is always blue. It rains quite a lot in the winter, but it never gets very cold.
Another thing I enjoy about the city is the restaurants. The seafood restaurants, with crabs and lobster, are my favourites. You can also get great Chinese, Japanese, American and European food in San Francisco.
Comprehension questions:
1. What is interesting about streets in San Francisco?
2. Does the cable car only go to certain areas of the city?
3. Can you see the view of San Francisco from the cable car?
4. What’s the weather like there?
5. Does it rain a lot in the summers?
6. How are the restaurants in San Francisco?
7. How does the writer begin the text?
8. What does the writer include in the rest of the text?


Cairo is the largest city in egypt Here you can always roll back the centuries Modern cairo has tall buildings and broad streets equal to any in the capitals of europe or australia From the top floors of impresive blocks of flats you can gaze at magnificent views across the river nile.
However behind the modern buildings are narrow alleys where there is no sound of traffic The only sounds that come to your ears are the calls of the stall-holders Water sellers and herdsmen wander through the streets as their forefathers did thousands of years ago Many of the poorer people still dress in the same way as their ancestor.
Comprehension questions:
1. In which country is Cairo situated?
2. From where is the best place to absorb the views of the Nile?
3. How is the modern section of Cairo different from the ancient section?

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Thousands of people visit Pisa’s famous tower each year and wonder just how much longer it can exist without falling.
Millions of dollars have been spent to stop the tower crashing to the ground. Soft, shifting soil has always been the tower’s problem. Recently, it was discovered that the tower had moved two millimeters. This was a great setback because engineers had previously corrected about twenty millimeters of the lean by using an inventive underground cables idea to straighten the tower. Pisa would hate to lose its precious Campo dei Miracoli and the tourist dollars it generates.
Comprehension questions:
1. How much has been spent to save the tower?
2. What recently caused concern?
3. What causes the tower to move?
4. How are they trying to correct the fault?
5. What is the real name of the Leaning Tower of Pisa?
6. Why would Pisa hate to lose the tower?
7. Would you be sad if the tower fell? Why?




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